Providing Cargo Services in Sri Lanka

Every project comes with unique objectives that require different Cargo Services. Sri Lanka’s center position in the Indian Ocean gives us access and proximity to a multitude of partners around the world that specialize in different modes of transportation.

No longer will you need to use different providers for each aspect of Supply Chain Management. Not only do we provide air and ocean forwarding solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to transport your cargo to its final destination by providing inland logistic services.

Air Freight Services

When time is the most important factor of your delivery, our Air Freight service is your best option. With our experienced carriers who cover almost the entire world, we are able to deliver your cargo to a destination of your choosing with efficiency and high level of security. After the quick transit, you’re guaranteed to have your cargo cleared within a matter of hours saving even more time.

Sea Freight Services

When you need to transport a large amount of cargo at a lower cost, our Sea Freight services are your best choice. Endowed with a strong partner network around the globe, we are able to provide you with a wide range of services including Buyer’s Consolidation and Multi Country Consolidation. Being strategically located in Sri Lanka enables us to offer efficient, steady and environmentally friendly transport to any destination around the world.

Logistics Management

We are more than moving cargo from point A to B. In addition to our Freight Forwarding services, we are capable of providing inland logistic services and transportation which makes us a fully integrated supply chain organization. From Country Specific Documentation to Warehouse Management, we will handle all aspects of the delivery process until your cargo reaches its final destination. Not only will this keep your cargo more safe and secure, it will save you both time and money.

Tanktainer Operations

A fast growing method of transportation around the world, Tanktainers enable safe and secure transfer of bulk liquids and gases from vessel to vessel. By working together with world renowned Tanktainer operators, we have managed to provide you with a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to transport hazardous or non hazardous bulk liquid cargo and food grade.